Norka, NRI, Non- resident Keralites, Non- resident INDIANS
Norka, NRI, Non- resident Keralites, Non- resident INDIANS
Norka, NRI, Non- resident Keralites, Non- resident INDIANS
Norka, NRI, Non- resident Keralites, Non- resident INDIANS
Norka, NRI, Non- resident Keralites, Non- resident INDIANS
Norka, NRI, Non- resident Keralites, Non- resident INDIANS
Norka, NRI, Non- resident Keralites, Non- resident INDIANS
Norka, NRI, Non- resident Keralites, Non- resident INDIANS
  Norka, Non- resident Keralites, Non- resident INDIANS   Norka, Non- resident Keralites, Non- resident INDIANS   Norka, Non- resident Keralites, Non- resident INDIANS  

Important functions of NORKA ROOTS

Certificate Attestation Centers:
Attestation of certificates for HRD, Home department of government of Kerala, Ministry for external Affairs (MEA), UAE, Saudi, Kuwait etc. are carried out through ‘NORKA ROOTS’ Certificate Attestation Centers. About one lakh applicants got attested their certificates through this service centre. This is one of the important sources of income for NORKA ROOTS.


Santwana is a programme planned to help the non- resident Keralite families suffering from physical and economic infirmity.
*Non- Resident Accident Assistance/ Family Health Policy
(Pravasi Apakada sahaya/ Kudumba Arogya Padhathi)
It is an insurance policy established for non- resident Keralites in association with united India Insurance Company.

Small Scale Industrial Endeavour Programme

This programme is planned for the economic development of returned non- resident Keralite to start small scale industries in their homeland. In many districts of Kerala small wet- grinder units were started.

Skill Upgradation Centers

Upgradation of skills of job seekers, the first of its kind in India, was initiated by NORKA in association with SCMS group of Educational Institutions, Kochi. This institute known as NORKA- SCMS Institute for Paramedical and Development Studies (NSIPADS) imparts training for nurses to appear for CGFNS/N- CLEX examinations and for unskilled workers such as housemaids, drivers etc. Planning to start more skill upgradation centers to provide both soft skills and technical skills.

Data Bank Of NRKs

A sector- wise Data Bank of non- resident Keralites is under preparation.

Enhancement of Malayalam Language and our Culture

A website namely has been opened for the new generation of Non resident Keralites for easy learning of Malayalam language. Malayalam can be learned easily through this website. More than 190 Malayalam Language learning centers are at Delhi. NORKA department is planned to start such centers at Mumbai and Chennai.

Local Development with the active participation of non- resident Keralites

‘Ente Gramam Ente Swapnam, (My Village, My Dream) is a programme planned by NORKA aiming at making non- resident Keralites part of the developmental programmes of their village.

Assistance for bringing back dead bodies of Malayalees from other countries to homeland

Assistance being provide in collaboration with foreign Embassy and different Malayalee associations for bringing back dead- bodies from other countries to homeland.

Organization of Annual meets of Non Resident Keralites

NORKA is organizing annual meets of non- resident Keralites for providing a forum for presenting their problems suggesting remedial solutions and implementing them. Those organizations working among foreign malayalees, returned foreign malayalees and repatriate malayalees can participate in these annual meets.

NORKA ROOTS- Information Service Cell

This cell helps to clear doubts of non- resident Keralites through letters, e-mail, face to face discussion.

Services at emergency stages (Crisis Management Team)

Control rooms will be opened at various regional offices of NORKA ROOTS to provide necessary helps to those who are affected badly by natural calamities like tsunami, earthquake etc.

Recognition of Malayalee Associations

NORKA ROOTS is granting recognition to those Malayalee Associations working abroad and other places for encouraging their humanitarian activities. NORKA ROOTS also provides permission to Malayalee Associations having more than 3 years working experience in expanding the functions of NORKA and doing activities for the upliftment of non keralites. Applications and other regulations for getting registration is given in the website of NORKA ( under ENLISTMENT FORM FOR NRK ORGANISATIONS.

Activities just started

NORKA Centre: All steps have been taken for the construction of NORKA Centre, the official building of NORKA in 20 cents of land granted by the government opposite to Thycadu Guest House. Kerala State Construction Corporation is entrusted to do the construction work. On completion of eight storied building, it can accommodate the offices of NORKA, regional attestation centre part from NORKA ROOTS. Transit facility at a cheaper rate can be provide for those Malayalees coming back from foreign countries. It will also provide facilities for video conferencing and parking of vehicles.

Heritage Village

A heritage village in a area of 5 acres of land at Mavelikara for the protection of aged parents of non- resident Keralites is under the consideration of the government.

Non Resident Keralites Data Bank

The necessity has been felt for keeping up to date information and statistics of non- resident Keralites for finding solution to various problem faced by them. Steps have already been started for the above purpose.

Pre- Departure Orientation Programme

Pre- departure orientation programme in view of the golden jubilee celebrations of Kerala State Formation meant for those who are going abroad in search of any jobs has already been started. This 2 day orientation programme helps acquaint foreign employment opportunities to malayalees who aspire for a job. In foreign countries, emigration rules, employment contracts, customs regulations, travel conditions etc. Many foreign employment seekers had participated in such programmes organized at Ernakulam and Kozhikode. Also, NORKA ROOTS had organized one day workshop with the help of District Administration at Kasaragode, Kannur, Malappuram and Palakkad. It has also plans to conduct similar programmes in other districts.

Foreign Recruitment

NORKA has got license from the Central Pravasi Ministry to recruit candidates from Kerala for various employment posts in foreign countries. Steps have already been initiated to prepare a Data Bank of foreign job seekers. Recruitment to foreign countries has already started through NORKA ROOTS.